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Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems specializes in cocaine addiction treatment. Our expert staff provides the highest quality treatment for cocaine addiction in a clean, safe environment.

Learn More About Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Learn more about cocaine addiction treatment at Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems in Lafayette, LA

Known to cause feelings of euphoria while inhibiting pain, cocaine is a dangerous and highly addictive drug that can sink its teeth into a person and cause a great deal of disruption in normal functioning. With an abrupt high that fades after about thirty minutes, the likelihood of abuse and dependency on cocaine is astronomical and the damage that it can cause can disperse into every area of a person’s life. Frequent interactions with the legal system, demise of interpersonal relationships, and loss of employment are but a few of the detrimental effects that can occur as a result of abusing cocaine. Furthermore, the toll cocaine can take on a person’s health is gargantuan and could lead to permanent damage to vital organs or even death. A proper treatment rehab is a way to avoid these consequences and is often required to live a life free from the grip of cocaine addiction.

Cocaine addiction is a life-threatening problem that plagues nearly 4 million Americans. We at Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems in Lafayette, Louisiana take the treatment of cocaine abuse very seriously. With special attention paid to individualized treatment that is compassionate, comprehensive and high quality, the services offered at our rehab clinic are specifically designed to meet the needs of our patients. We implement therapeutic techniques that are proven and evidence-based in a structured and safe environment beneficial to healing and recovery. Our experienced and qualified staff provide ongoing support as each patient immerses him or herself in the therapeutic process and works on improving mental, emotional, and social wellness. We recognize that cocaine addiction is an all-consuming, debilitating problem that affects both the user and his or her friends and loved ones. Vermilion’s rehab clinic offers hope for a healthier future by being the premier provider of mental health and chemical dependency treatment.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for cocaine addiction

Watching someone you care about struggle with a cocaine addiction can be extremely difficult. It may be hard to understand why a person would continue using a drug that clearly causes so much strife. You may be worried that your friend or loved one will overdose or even die as a result of his or her drug use. You may feel powerless or even angry at the fact that cocaine seems to be your friend or loved one’s number one priority above all else, but these feelings and notions are normal. If you are in a position in which you would like to help someone find relief from drug addiction, here are some tips to keep in mind as you navigate the process of offering help:

  • Become informed about drug addiction – Knowledge is power and can be extremely helpful in talking about help with your friend or loved one.
  • Be an ongoing source of support – Your friend or loved one needs it and remember that you are not responsible for his or her recovery.
  • Talk about your concerns with your friend or loved one – This is a good way to show that you care about their health and wellbeing.
  • Look into treatment options – Knowing what kind of help is out there can offer hope to you or your friend/loved one.
  • Do not give your friend or loved one an ultimatum for treatment – you want treatment to be conveyed as something positive, not something to rebel against.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for cocaine addiction at Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems in Lafayette, LA

Cocaine is the second most commonly used illicit drug in the United States and also one of the toughest addictions to overcome. While attempts at abstinence may occur, people addicted to cocaine often find it extremely difficult to achieve recovery alone. Using cocaine to avoid withdrawal symptoms is often easier than taking the necessary steps to be drug-free, even if the person’s drug use causes serious complications in his or her life. However, when a person commits to treatment, successful recovery is more likely.

One treatment option with proven efficacy in treating a cocaine addiction is inpatient treatment. Offering an environment away from every day stressors and triggers, at an inpatient clinic a person struggling with cocaine addiction is able to focus on recovery and understand addiction while surrounded by staff that want to help. In addition to professional support, an addict is able to find encouragement in fellow patients struggling with addiction and garner a sense of hope by being with those who know the toil of chemical dependency. Furthermore, if an individual requires detox or medication to treat another mental health condition, inpatient treatment offers access to medical staff who ensure safety and work towards improving the physical health of patients.

Our Philosophy

Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems philosophy and treatment benefits

For over 30 years, Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems in Lafayette has prided itself in being the most comprehensive, freestanding provider of behavioral health services in the Acadiana region. Our multidisciplinary team of specialty clinical staff, including addiction specialists, social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, mental health technicians, recreational therapists, and case managers, is devoted to maintaining optimal training and development to increase competency with all of the different populations that we serve. We strive to help our patients explore and process issues and challenges and increase insight and understanding of their own mental health and chemical dependency concerns. By encouraging family involvement and enlisting community support, we aim to assist those who come to us for care in meeting their treatment goals so as to achieve optimal healing and lasting recovery.

Types of Treatment

Types of cocaine addiction treatment offered at Behavioral Health Systems in Lafayette, LA

Upon first arriving at Vermilion’s treatment clinic, all patients take part in a free, confidential level of care screening by one of our Assessment and Referral Specialists. After gathering all pertinent information, one of our psychiatrists will review the assessment and determine the appropriate level of care and treatment.

At Vermilion, we believe in the power of using Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) as our main approach to treatment. We have found that this therapeutic model is suited for treating both acute and short-term lengths of stay due to its effectiveness in working quickly by focusing on skill-building, as well as by identifying and disputing irrational beliefs and cognitive distortions. By implementing this REBT approach to treatment, the therapeutic interventions that are incorporated at our inpatient rehab clinic include the following:

Detoxification: For adults who come to us struggling with an addiction to cocaine, we provide medically supervised detox services. As part of the 12-step model of recovery, we implement the idea of “rational recovery,” designed to provide patients with recovery skills that can last a lifetime and prevent future struggles with addiction.

Medication management: Patients who are suffering from a co-occurring disorder may receive medication in order to treat any symptoms they are experiencing. Meetings with a psychiatrist occur on a regular basis in order to monitor the effectiveness of any medication that is prescribed and to make any necessary changes.

Group therapy: Group therapy is the main component of treatment at our inpatient rehab. Various groups are held on a daily basis and may include discussions on:

  • Goal-setting
  • Holistic wellness
  • Relapse prevention
  • Mental illness education
  • Anger management and conflict resolution
  • Healthy relationships
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Forming appropriate boundaries
  • Problem-solving
  • Medication education

Individual therapy: Individual counseling sessions are held on an as-needed basis and provide patients with time to meet alone with their therapist in order to discuss any questions they have and to reflect on goals that have been reached.

Family therapy: We believe that positive changes are initiated through the family unit as a whole, which is why we strongly encourage our patients’ family members to actively participate in the therapeutic process. Family sessions are designed to address issues that affect the entire family and begin the process of healing. We also offer parents and caregivers education on mental illness, substance abuse, and medication management so that they can effectively help their loved one during and after treatment.

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT): This form of therapy is designed to help people create a rich and meaningful life, while developing the skills needed to effectively handle the pain and stress that comes with life’s experiences.

In order to provide a fully comprehensive therapeutic experience, Vermilion also provides the following therapies:

  • Expressive
  • Recreation
  • Experiential

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for cocaine addiction

At Vermilion’s treatment clinic in Lafayette, LA, we believe that thorough treatment planning is critical to ensuring a patient is discharged into the most supportive environment possible. In doing so, we are able to promote a positive continuity of care and quality of life, maximize stabilization, and minimize the need for re-hospitalization. Our social services staff works with each patient’s treatment team to develop a discharge plan based on the patient’s needs, resources, preferences, family involvement, location of residence, and community resources. With patient consent, this plan is then passed on to the designated discharge planner who initiates referrals, schedules appointments, and finalizes any other necessary arrangements.

If you are in need of treatment for mental health concerns or chemical dependency issues, your search is over. Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems is where lasting healing and recovery begins.