Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Exploring residential treatment centers, rehab centers and other treatment facilities can be overwhelming during times of distress. Below are some of the most common questions we hear from parents & families, adults and seniors who are researching Vermilion Behavioral Health System and other types of treatment for behavioral disorders, substance abuse and mood disorders.

Information for Parents

Information for Patients

General Information


Does your program have an academic component? Show More Show Less

No, but school work is allowed and there is designated time for academics.

What types of therapeutic and clinical support will my child receive? Show More Show Less

Daily appointments with psychiatrist and therapists, daily group and individual therapy sessions, family sessions.

How much involvement will I have in my child's experience at Vermilion? Show More Show Less

Parent involvement is always encouraged in determining treatment goals, medication management, and appropriate discharge plan.

What are your safety practices? Show More Show Less

15 minute check, secured locked units, around the clock nursing staff, 24-hour on call physicians, daily room checks, Administrator on-call and after hours and on weekends.

What are the qualifications of the staff caring for my child? Show More Show Less

Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, LCSW, LPC, RN, LPN, MHT


How much will treatment cost? Show More Show Less

Each patient inquiring will receive financial counseling by our business office. Any payment plans needed after verifying insurance out of pocket cost will be made upon discharge.

Will insurance cover my treatment? Show More Show Less

Yes – pending personal plan coverage limitations.

Will my family be involved in my treatment? Show More Show Less

Yes – if consent is given and/or with patient consent.

Will I have a roommate? Show More Show Less

Yes – two beds per room.

Can I leave if I don't like treatment? Show More Show Less

Patient can leave our facility if they are not under a legal hold (PEC/CEC/Judicial Commitment) after asking to sign a 72-hour notice. This notice prompts the physician so they can assure the patient is not suicidal, homicidal, or requiring 24-hour inpatient treatment.

Can I bring my laptop, cell phone or other electronics? What items are not allowed? Show More Show Less

No, all electronics and valuables will be stored in Vermilion’s safe until discharge if a family member or trusted other cannot retrieve them. Items that pose a safety risk/contraband are not allowed.

Will I have access to a phone or the internet? Show More Show Less

Yes – patients will have access to a phone.

Are residents allowed to have visitors? Show More Show Less

Yes – there are visitation hours daily.

Are residents allowed to bring their pets to the treatment center? Show More Show Less

No – unless it is a certified therapy dog or animal.

What does a normal day in treatment look like? Show More Show Less

Each unit has an individualized program consisting of group therapy lead by each discipline, break times, and recreational/relaxation opportunities. Schedules are posted on all units and distributed to each patient during their admission process.


What is an inpatient program? What can I expect? Show More Show Less

An inpatient program is a treatment program in an acute hospital setting where patients stay for stabilization in a secure unit. Inpatient services are designed around individualized treatment plans that are tailored to meet each patient’s unique set of needs in order to attain stabilization and begin the recovery process.

What is an outpatient program? What can I expect? Show More Show Less

Our outpatient program is designed so that patients can receive the same treatment and structure as they would inpatient except they are allowed to return home each day. Our program treats mental disorders, substance abuse, and dual diagnoses. While in the program, patients can expect to attend group therapy, 1:1 therapy with your licensed counselor and/or social worker, receive sessions with their physician weekly, have any medication adjustments addressed if necessary, and receive a freshly prepared complementary lunch from our inpatient cafeteria. Another bonus is that if any patient needs immediate inpatient treatment our physicians can seamlessly step them up to a higher level of care; pending availability.

What ages do you treat? Show More Show Less

Ages 12 & up

What types of problems/disorders do you treat? Show More Show Less

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, dual-diagnosis, co-occurring disorders, chemical dependency, schizophrenia, compulsive behaviors, bipolar disorder, grief and suicide and self-harm behaviors, schizoaffective, and detox.

Does your program accept insurance or provide financing options? Show More Show Less

Yes – for more information on what insurance we accept, visit our insurance page

Do you offer a detox program? Show More Show Less


What types of therapies and programs do you use? Show More Show Less

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

What is your typical length of stay? Show More Show Less

Our average length of stay is 7-10 days

How can I learn more about your program? Show More Show Less

Visit our website at or contact our Admissions Department 24/7 at the number below.

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